New York City Corporate Chess League

The New York City Corporate Chess League (NYCCL) was founded by Alisa Melekhina with fellow top female chess players in 2018. The first two annual seasons were hosted at the offices of a premier international law firm in New York City. The mission of the NYCCL is to provide a friendly competitive and networking environment for teams of chess players from private firms, tech companies, and banks based in NYC. Fellow colleagues from registered teams are encouraged to spectate the matches.

The league is comprised of three-player teams; each player engages in a double match of G/10 + 3' (once with white and black) during a single match. The season typically includes six total matches spanning two months. Games are not rated, although players' reported ratings are used for pairing purposes. All players participate in their personal capacity, and must all be employed by the same private entity to form a team. Teams are required to have at least five players with some type of online or over-the-board (OTB) rating on their roster in order to ensure a full line-up each match.

Membership and spectator attendance are free, but is by invitation only. While upcoming seasons are still TBD, if you are interested in learning more, please see the below coverage from US Chess Life News Online and email

NYCCL Season 1 - Fall 2019 (Winner: Deutsche Bank)

Alisa on Creating the NY Corporate Chess League: From Playing to Organizing
by Alisa Melekhina. 12/3/2018

Alisa Melekhina, Elina Cotler and Anna Ginzburg

Blindfold simultaneous chess exhibition by GM Mac Molner

NYCCL Season 2 - Fall 2019 (Winner: Goldman Sachs)

Second Season of NYC Corporate Chess League Underway by Jennifer Shahade. 10/25/2019

FM Igor Shneider (DB) vs. FM Alisa Melekhina

The traditional cutting of the the chess cake.

Goldman Sachs Crowned 2019 Corporate Chess League Champions by Alisa Melekhina. 12/24/2019

"Goldman Sachs is crowned as the new NYC Corporate Chess leader after a close final match during the elegant NYCCL closing ceremony … featuring special GM guests and an exhibition tandem series."

Opening Ceremonies

Ladies Knight Podcast with FM Alisa Melekhina 1/21/2020

“In the first anniversary episode of Ladies Knight, Jen Shahade interviews the multi-talented FM, entrepreneur, gold medalist, author and lawyer Alisa Melekhina. Jennifer talks to Alisa live in Philadelphia, where both grew up, about a wide range of topics, from Alisa's corporate chess league, to lessons behind her first book, Reality Check: What the Ancient Game of Chess Can Teach You About Success in Modern Competitive Settings .”

Presentation on chess and poker by WGM Jennifer Shahade at the 2019 NYCCL.

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